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100 Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets to Make Your Cooking Easier

When it comes to home kitchen equipment, it is so important to have the right tools at your disposal. Why make cooking harder than it needs to be? We came up with our 100 Favorite Kitchen Tools & Gadgets to make your meal prep as easy as possible.

Included are the top tools in our drawers and counter crocks that help us create delicious recipes like our famous Easy Chicken Pot Pie. Check out our list and let us know if you discover a new-to-you kitchen tool! 

Kitchen tools and gadgets in crock on counter

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Easy Meal Prep

Believe it or not, shoppers love kitchen gadgets! I used to work in a small kitchenware store and folks would flock to the counter excited to share “this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!” Here are some of the more popular items:

  1. Avocado Keeper– This is a perfect item to have for keeping a cut avocado fresh. You can see this and more of our favorite Avocado items in our 10 Best Avocado Stuff!
  2. Avocado Masher
  3. Jar Lid Popper– great for those who have lost strength in hand & wrist. Pop cans or twisting bottle caps are easy! 
  4. Onion Goggles– wear these to keep tears at bay when chopping onions!
  5. Garlic Zoom– Another gadget perfect for those with arthritis issues- pop a clove or two into the top and drive it across the counter! Chops instantly and cleans easy too! 
  6. Peeler– many search for a simple potato peeler. This is a must in any drawer.
  7. Wide Peeler– I actually prefer this type of peeler- they are inexpensive and work amazing, especially if you are making our Mashed Sweet Potato dish!
  8. Measuring Cups
  9. Measuring Spoons
  10. Wooden Spoons
Metal Potato Peeler

Small Kitchen Gadgets to Have for Meal Prep

These small tools and equipment make your kitchen time more fun when doing meal prep! 

     11. Funnel – use for liquids or peppercorns & spices refills.

    12. Cheese Cloth

    13. Zester

    14. Microplane

    15. Pizza Cutter – works great- especially for cutting our Keto Pizza!

    16. Spider – not the 8 legged kind- this is a strainer perfect for pasta or dumplings! 

    17. Cookie scoop

    18. Wavy Knife– this is the secret tool for making crinkle cuts on your fancy veggie tray!

wavy knife for cutting vegetables

     19. Corn Cob Butterer

     20. Lettuce Knife- usually made of plastic, this will not oxidize your greens when chopping!

     21. Offset Spatula

     22. Nut Cracker

     23. Stainless Steel Soap Bar– When you need to rub away onion & garlic odors- this is your gadget!

stainless steel soap bar to rid of kitchen cooking odors like onion and garlic

     24. Apple Corer & Slicer

     25. Tomato Corer

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cooking utensils in crock

What Other Cooking Tools or Equipment Should You Have in Your Kitchen?

I'm glad you asked! There are so many tools to choose from it can be a bit daunting. This is why we put this list together for you! The following are tools I use when cooking almost anything:

     26. Tongs– I like the OXO Brand tong with one side covered in silicone. They are a perfect size and              are easy to lock/unlock. 

Silicone tipped tongs are perfect cooking utensil for home or grill

     27.  Whisks

     28. Spatula- The Flipping kind.

     29. Instant Read Thermometer 

     30. Box Grater– Comes in handy when making our Potato Pancakes!

     31. Pepper Mill

     32. Salt Den 

     33. Can opener

     34. Bar Mop

     35. Silpat

     36. Splatter Screen

     37. Tenderizer/mallet

     38. Pastry Brush

     39. Mortar & Pestle

     40. Parchment Paper

Whisks of all sizes

Some of my favorite Tools to Use for Baking

I bake as much if not more than I cook, so these tools I use for both. They really come in handy! 

     41. Pastry Cutter with Thumb rest – this makes cutting dough so easy! 

     42. Biscuit Cutters- Can use for the obvious or for cookies or scones

     43. Pastry Bags

     44. Sifter 

     45. Cooling rack

     46. Rolling Pin

     47. Cooking Torch

     48. Collander

     49. Juice Squeezer

     50. Bench Scraper

     51. Dough Whisk– I bet you've seen this but weren't really sure what it might be?! 

Dough whisk for baking tool needs

     52. Bowl Scraper

     53. Apple Peeler/Corer– indispensable for making apple pie!! 

Cooking Utensils for Meal Prep

And More Kitchen Equipment for cooking success! 

All these tools took years to collect, but I know I'm a more prepared home cook and baker because I have them at the ready! 

     54. Immersion Blender- Perfect for making creamy soups like our Butternut Squash Soup

     55. Stainless Steamer Basket– folds for easy storage and fits in any pot! 

     56. Bacon Press

     57. Garlic Keeper– I love this one and it is always full on my counter! 

     58. Potato Ricer- makes the fluffiest mashed potatoes! 

     59. Spatula- the stirring kind! 

     60. Spaghetti Fork

     61. Trivet – for hot plates! 

     62. Chop Stir– makes breaking up cooked burger and sausage a breeze! 

     63. Egg Slicer

     64. Strawberry Slicer

     65. Egg Ring– Do you like egg breakfast sandwiches? These keep your eggs a perfect size.  

Silicone egg rings cooking tool for perfect eggs

     66. Egg Poach Pods

     67. Melon Baller

    68. Cheese grater

    69. Dumpling Maker

    70. Pineapple Corer/slicer– cutting a pineapple was never so easy! 

    71. Kale/ Herb Stripper

    75. Egg Separator

What else can you stock your kitchen with?

    76. Strawberry Huller

    77. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner– This makes cleaning fun! 

    78. Ladle

    79. Egg Timer

    80. Pie Crust Shield

    81. Kitchen Brush

    82. Metal Straws &  Cleaners

    83. Needle Tongs– great for cooking anything! 

    84. gnocchi board

    85. Skewers

    86. Lobster Cracker 

    87. Black & Tan Turtle– LOVE this gadget!!! 

Black & Tan Turtle kitchen gadget for beer

    88. Pie Server

    89. Ice Cube Trays

   90. Orange Peeler

    91. Silicone Jar Opener

    92. Magnetic Storage Clips

    93. Bee's Wrap – all-natural wrap for bread cheese & Sandwiches- alternative to plastic wrap! 

    94. Onion/Tomato Slicer

    95. Chocolate Shaver

    96. Bread Scorer

    97. Honey dipper

    98. Toast Tongs– use to grab a hot slice of toast safely! 

Multiple Kitchen Cooking Utensils in crock with cutting boards

    99. Ice Cream Scoop- Great for serving up homemade no-churn cherry ice cream! 

   100. Cake Tester 

We hope you have discovered some new and exciting kitchen tools and gadgets to add to your collection! Do you have a favorite that should be on our list? Let us know! I'm always on the lookout for new cooking utensils! 

100 Kitchen Tools & Gadgets in crock on counter

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