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Hi I’m Kelly Pugliano and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I know I only have your eyes for but a brief moment so I will make this quick!

Do I work with brands and the media?


Do my readers like when I share information about a brand or company?


Why should we work together?

Because I have the ability to connect your product/brand through my own personal story, which has shown to be a successful combination for everyone involved; you, me and my awesome community. When I choose to work with a brand, it is because I believe in it, use it myself or my family does- and I am comfortable placing my name next to it. I trust in you and when I share that with my community, they trust in you too.

I have worked successful social media campaigns with ‘story posts’; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connections as well as Facebook Live. I have worked with Canon, Red Pack, Silk, Coffee-Mate, Walgreens, Tropicana, Certified Angus Beef, NY Beef Council, and more.

Do I do giveaways?

Honestly, only once in a while. If we find that a review /giveaway would be a good fit, then there are a few things to follow:

• The product is shipped and will be available to use/review for at least 1 week after receipt.

• An honest review will be written and shared, good or bad, by an agreed-upon date.

• If the product sent is valued over $500 & must be returned, shipping will be at your expense; otherwise, it is mine to keep.

• If a giveaway is involved, the name of the recipient will be provided and the product will be sent directly by you.

Do I Offer Sponsored Post Campaigns?

Yes. I have written many successful sponsored post programs and would love to add you to the list! If you would be interested in this type of campaign, please CONTACT ME at [email protected] to request my media kit &/or to discuss rates and packages available.


Looking for a Brand Ambassador or representation at an upcoming conference?

Sponsorships to attend blogging conferences/events are available. I would love to have the opportunity to help you connect with conference &/or event attendees.

For more information on sponsorship packages, or to receive a Media Kit, please drop me an email at

[email protected]

I look forward to working together and helping you connect to your audience through the power of the personal story.



Judy Dunlap

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

Veal meatballs ‘secret ingredient’ ???

Kelly Pugliano

Tuesday 5th of April 2022

1/2 + 1/2 is the secret recipe ;)

Genevieve Brown

Monday 23rd of July 2018

Hello, I'm from Good Morning America and am working on a story and back to school traditions. I came across your vision board and hope to use the image in a story with credit and link back to you. Please let me know, thanks!

Sherrie Bandy

Thursday 26th of January 2012


My kids really really want to go to Disney World so... we created this project as a family. We make crayons that look like little cars. We are all proud of the quality of these "Race Car Crayons" and they are lots of fun.

We'd love it if you took a look at our modest website.

We could send you a sample if you're interested.

Thank You


Friday 27th of January 2012

Very cool idea! I will be in touch!