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Hi I’m Kelly Pugliano and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I know I only have your eyes for but a brief moment so I will make this quick!

Do I work with brands and the media?


Do my readers like when I share information about a brand or company?


Why should we work together?

Because I have the ability to connect your product/brand through my own personal story, which has shown to be a successful combination for everyone involved; you, me and my awesome community. When I choose to work with a brand, it is because I believe in it, use it myself or my family does- and I am comfortable placing my name next to it. I trust in you and when I share that with my community, they trust in you too.

I have worked successful social media campaigns with ‘story posts’; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connections as well as Facebook Live. I have worked with Canon, Red Pack, Silk, Coffee-Mate, Walgreens, Tropicana, Certified Angus Beef, NY Beef Council, and more.

Do I do giveaways?

Honestly, only once in a while. If we find that a review /giveaway would be a good fit, then there are a few things to follow:

• The product is shipped and will be available to use/review for at least 1 week after receipt.

• An honest review will be written and shared, good or bad, by an agreed-upon date.

• If the product sent is valued over $500 & must be returned, shipping will be at your expense; otherwise, it is mine to keep.

• If a giveaway is involved, the name of the recipient will be provided and the product will be sent directly by you.

Do I Offer Sponsored Post Campaigns?

Yes. I have written many successful sponsored post programs and would love to add you to the list! If you would be interested in this type of campaign, please CONTACT ME at [email protected] to request my media kit &/or to discuss rates and packages available.


Looking for a Brand Ambassador or representation at an upcoming conference?

Sponsorships to attend blogging conferences/events are available. I would love to have the opportunity to help you connect with conference &/or event attendees.

For more information on sponsorship packages, or to receive a Media Kit, please drop me an email at

[email protected]

I look forward to working together and helping you connect to your audience through the power of the personal story.