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Top 10 Best Avocado Stuff for Any Avocado Lover

Do you have someone in your life who is crazy about avocados? This is the place to find the top 10 BEST avocado stuff for any avocado lover! I happened to be searching for a handy slicer, and found a whole world of fun!

10 Top Avocado Stuff for Gifts from tools to socks!

Tasty avocado recipes

This nutrient-rich fruit is a great source of fat and tastes great as a dip like in our Gameday Guacamole

Want to make our delicious guacamole? Or maybe you want to try our Quick and easy Avocado black bean salsa?

You can make either one or both- just click on the highlighted text and it will take you to the recipe! 

Game Day Guacamole is a great dip to have on hand for any gathering! Perfect party appetizer or evening snack. Full of delicious avocados. #easyrecipe #avocados #appetizer #partyfood #tailgate

We are going to focus on fun items you can use, wear, or snuggle with while enjoying our dips with your favorite tortilla chips! So, if you are looking for gift ideas, these are really fun and are perfect for any age and any occasion.

Get ready to make someone smile with a bit of Avocado Love.

The Best Avocado Stuff for Gift Giving

This is our latest list for our Top 10 picks! Some items will be functional and others will be just plain fun. If you have more ideas, please let us know! 

1.   Oxo 3-in-1 Avocado Tool – We love a good kitchen tool and this one works really well. Use this to open, remove pit and then cut into even slices.  

Stainless Steel Avocado Mashing Tool

2. Mashing Tool– Now that you have all those slices, you need to mash up your fruit to make guacamole!  

avocado saver

3. Avocado Saver– Only using half? You can keep your remaining half stored safely in this little keeper. It won't turn brown and will be fresh for the next day! 

avocado mug

4. Avocado Mug– Extra CUTE! 11-ounce ceramic mug is perfect to put a smile on someone's face while sipping some morning coffee

Avocado decorative pillow with yoga poses

5. Avocado Yoga Pillow– Get ready to strike a pose with this cute room pillow! Your yoga spot will inspire you to keep going! 

Avocado Plush Pillow

6. Avocado Plush– Time to cuddle your favorite fruit! This is so soft and squishy. Great for watching a movie or long car ride! 

avocado plush pillow toy

7. Avocado Pillow– This was just too cute to not include! High ratings for this adorable plush pillow. 

avocado baby costume

8. Avocado Costume – It's time to search for a costume for your little one!  Grab this now and you will save yourself some last-minute shopping! 

avocado earrings

9. Avocado Earrings– If you love to wear novelty earrings, these will be your new favorites. Super cute and you will be the “toast” of the town! 

avocado socks

10. Avocado Socks– Socks are a HUGE trend right now, especially FUN socks! They show off your personality and these comfy socks will make your toes happy. 

avocado phone case

Bonus! Avocado Phone Case! Keep your phone safe and stylish with this fun case! 

cut avocado-eatpicks

When you love something so much you just want to be surrounded with all that joy! 

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What is your favorite off this list? Let us know! 

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