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Best Monthly Wine Club Subscription: SomMailier French Wines

A monthly wine club is available through subscriptions and for gift-giving. But how do you know which one to try? We've tested the French wine club SomMailier and loved every sip and we think you will too!

Monthly Wine Club Subscription

We want to thank SomMailier for gifting us a C'est la Vie pack of their delicious selections!

Are wine clubs worth it?

You may be asking yourself are monthly wine clubs worth it and how do you know if they're any good?

I hear you. No one wants to give a gift of wine and have it taste bad, especially if the one you are gifting it to loves to drink it! There are so many wine subscription clubs how do you pick?

Tips for picking a wine club

  • Pick a Region– choose an area that you like or country of origin. This could be wines from California, New York, or Virginia. Or you can pick a country like Italy, Spain, or France.
  • Pick a Type– maybe you fancy all white wines or all reds. Perhaps you like sparkling too. The important options when you pick a wine club is to ensure they offer all the above.
Best Wine Club gift

SomMailier monthly wine club

I really liked the selections sent in the SomMailier C'est la Vie shipment. This 3-month wine subscription option provided 2 reds and 1 white wine to enjoy. They are very flexible when it comes to choosing your bottles, so if you only like reds, choose all red. The same goes for white wines. I liked that a mixture was sent so I could try a variety.

Grab your favorite red wine glasses to gift along side these tasty wines!

SomMailier Information Insert Cards

Each SomMailier wine selection comes with an insert card about the wine, the individual winery, where the grapes are grown and favorite food pairings. I really enjoyed this feature of this monthly wine club almost as much as I enjoyed every sip of wine!

French wines included

Wine club Bourgogne

Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaunes Famille Picard 2016 was enjoyed with my daughter as we snuck away for a girl weekend in the mountains of Vermont. Perfect by the fireside or paired with creamy cheeses or poultry.

Recipes to pair with this lovely balanced red- The Best Veal Meatballs, Glazed Pork Chops A La Anthony, Easy Chicken Pot Pie, Make-Ahead Chicken Enchiladas, Sirloin Steak Pasta Salad.

Graves – La Fleur des Pins dry white 2018

Graves – La Fleur des Pins dry white 2018– I have not opened this yet, but really excited to do so when I make my next charcuterie board or fish entree!

Recipe to pair this wine: Air Fryer Everything Salmon, Salmon Kebabs, Oven Roasted Shrimp, Garlic Parmesan Shrimp, Cacio e Pepe Pasta, Broccoli Slaw Salad, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, Buffalo Chicken Dip

Château Real Martin 2015 – Côtes de Provence Red

Château Real Martin 2015 – Côtes de Provence Red– This has to be one of the best French wine brands I have tasted in a while. I have enjoyed it so much, I have placed a star next to it so I can go back and order more. The great thing about SomMailier Wine Club is you can purchase all your individual favorites!

Recipes to pair this wine: Zucchini Parm Stacks, Porterhouse Steak, Coffee Rubbed Roast Beef, Crockpot BBQ Chicken, Caprese Toast Appetizers, Perfect Pork Roast

French Wine club gifts

I really enjoyed this French wine club and cannot wait to send as gifts to friends and family. SomMailier makes wine gift giving easy with these options:

SomMailier C'est la Vie– this is a 3-bottle exclusive French wine gift. You can choose 3 red, 3 white, or a mixture. One time gift purchase available or:

  • Quarterly – $99.00 / Shipment
  • 2 Quarterly Shipments – $97.00 / Shipment
  • 4 Quarterly Shipments (1 year) – $95.00 / Shipment
  • 8 quarterly shipments (2 years) – $89.00 / Shipment

SomMailier Rendez-vous– this is a 6-bottle exclusive French wine gift. Same options as above with:

  • Quarterly – $192.00 / Shipment
  • 2 Quarterly Shipments – $189.00 / Shipment
  • 4 Quarterly Shipments (1 year) – $186.00 / Shipment
  • 8 quarterly shipments (2 years) – $179.00 / Shipment

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Best French Wine Club