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3 Favorite Summer Party Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to find recipes that are delicious, easy to make and easy to share! Today we are sharing our 3 favorite summer party recipes that take little to no time to make and have been to more backyard parties than we can count!

Summer Party Recipes


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Simple Summer Party Recipes

Summer recipes should be simple in both ingredients and preparation. I don't know about you, but I also want recipes that do not include turning on the oven! So the following three summer recipes fit all requirements and also taste fantastic! Enjoy with your own guests, or if you are the guest, bring as your contribution to your next summer party!


Here are our 3 Favorite Summer Party Recipes

  1. Homemade Orange Lemonade is one of our family favorites. The only cooking involved with this recipe is making the simple syrup, which only takes a few minutes. Make this early in the day and enjoy when the sun is shining bright! Full of sweet orange and tart lemons, this is super refreshing!
  2. No-Bake Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is another super simple recipe! If you bring this to your next backyard party, I guarantee someone will ask you for the recipe. What I like most about this recipe is you can customize it to any flavor you like- even non-dairy!
  3. Red White & Blue Stuffed Strawberries is our last on this list but first in our hearts! I made this recipe when my kids were small and wanted them to eat up the buckets of freshly picked strawberries! They became an instant favorite and they look incredible on a big serving platter.

Be sure to stay cool and share these summer party recipes with your family and friends!

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