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Mitsubishi Outlander: One Smooth Ride to the Farm

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander is one smooth ride! Looking for a rugged SUV to take to from city to farm and back again? This may be the one for you. Full of all the bells and whistles and great on gas too!


Outlander Driveway

Thanks to the folks at Mitsubishi for providing this beautiful loaner 2018 Outlander for a week! It was a perfect ride for the farm tour!


City Girl to Farm Girl in Mitsubishi

When I was preparing for a recent NYS farm tour, I was really wishing I still had my old SUV to take me there, but, when you have a commuting college kid who “inherits” your ride, you make due with something else- like a boring sedan. Thank goodness for the folks at Mitsubishi! Not only did they provide a loaner for me to enjoy, but they provided their sweet 2018 Outlander SUV!

I thought I wouldn't miss driving a small SUV, but I have learned after the last three years of leasing a sedan, I really do miss it. Living in Upstate New York means long harsh winters (meaning LOTS of SNOW), driving on major highways, and having a lot of country roads to navigate.

Space is Key in Mitsubishi SUV

When this Mitsubishi Outlander was dropped off, I couldn't wait to check it out! We gave it a quick test run to the gym for our evening workout and the first thing I noticed right away was the AC worked fast and helped cool us off after we were melting in the gym.

Dash Display in Mitsubishi Outlander

We listened to tunes via the AppleCar play and grateful the cupholders were the perfect size for our water bottles, so I knew my travel coffee mug would be right at home the next morning!

After returning home, I prepared  for my farm trip and was impressed with the roominess this car provided. Look at the space in the back! You can barely see my boots in there!


Mitsubishi Trunk with boots2018 Mitsubishi Outlander is One Smooth Ride

I was so impressed with the highway miles this car handled. The ride with so smooth and the gas mileage on ECO mode was awesome! Country roads were no problem either; pulling into the farm, I think even the cows were impressed!

Cows looking at car


It was a gorgeous day to visit the country and learn more about NYS Beef Farming.  This particular farm in Fonda, NY was a dairy farm for years when it was bought by a young family. They continued the dairy farm for a few years but eventually switched to Beef cattle farming. I spent the day touring the barns, feed area, and when the visit ended, I was treated to an amazing dinner shared on the back picnic tables.


It really was an absolutely fantastic day all around and I can't wait to share more about this particular farm visit.

Thanks to Mitsubishi for bringing us to the farm and back safely.




Test Drive Mitsubishi Outlander