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7 Best Places Where to Buy Bone Broth

Want to know where to buy bone broth? We have the 7 best places both in-store and online to help you find this rich and healthy broth full of nutrients and protein. 

It used to be difficult to find bone broth in grocery stores. Of course, the shelves were full of broth and stock, including bullion cubes, but about a year or two ago, bone stock started making room for itself. 

It is lauded in the Whole30, Paleo, and Keto communities as a great way to get protein, amino acids, and nutrients. 

Where to Buy Bone Broth

We've done some homework and self-sleuthing to help you find the best resources on where to go to purchase some bone broth for your pantry and start using in recipes, like our Easy Chicken Pot Pie

First off, you may be asking yourself

Why Is Bone Broth So Healthy?

Remember when you were a kid and didn't feel well? If you came down with a bad cold or flu, mom or grandma would wrap you in a blanket and make you chicken soup.

This homemade soup would cook on the stove for hours and it tasted amazing- better than the canned version. 

Cooking this type of stock all day, especially when using bones with vegetables, helped to pull out every bit of protein and minerals from the bones. These health benefits were passed on to you with every spoonful giving you a boost of vitamins and nutrients you needed to help your immune system.

Cup of Soup in hands

So, now businesses are taking advantage of these health benefits and packaging up their version of broth for folks like us. 

Can You Buy Bone Broth in The Grocery Store?

Yes! Thanks to a brand called Pacific Foods, shelf-stable bone broth made its debut on many grocery store shelves. You can find varieties for 

Does Walmart Sell Bone Broth?

Yes! Each time I visit Walmart, I see more brands offered on the shelves. But did you know that you can also find this in the frozen food section?

A few stores will carry personal serving sizes in the freezer which tells me this is probably fresh, hence the reason it is frozen. 

Here is probably a good point to list our 7 top picks for places to shop for this special stock. Some of our choices are brick and mortar stores and a couple are online businesses. 

7 Best Places to Buy Bone Broth


A few shopping tips to get you started

  • Bone broth will be located in the aisle that has all the stock, broth and bullion, usually near all the canned soups. 
  • Make sure to look for the word “Bone Broth” on the label. It can be easy to miss!
  • Fresh bone broth/stock can be found in the freezer section. The placement varies with each store, so if it is hard to find, just ask someone! 

7 Best Places Where to Buy Bone Broth

Here are the best places we've found to buy broth. With so many varieties, it's hard to figure out who carries what brand and if it isn't convenient to get to the store, there are a couple of online options for you too. 

  1. Walmart- They carry many of the top bone broth brands, like Swanson, Sam's Choice, Pacific Brands, Epic Brand and more. 
  2. Whole Foods/Trader Joes – They carry mostly organic broths. Be sure to look for the word “Bone Broth” on the label. 
  3. Aldis– Swanson, Chef's Cupboard, and Simply Nature of some of the offerings. 
  4. Fresh Market/Other Chain Stores- Kitchen Basics, Pacific Brands & Store Brands are available.
  5. Specialty Markets- Like Dean & Deluca or small city corner grocers will carry organic & high-end varieties. I've seen them on the shelves, but haven't tried them yet. 
Brodo Bone Broth

Online Options to Purchase Bone Broth

I'm going to start with one of my new favorite discoveries, Brodo Broth Co., 

6. Brodo Broth Co. is a New York City-based small business that is rocking the bone broth market. It is available throughout NYC and a few outlying stores, but they offer online ordering!

The broth is made fresh and frozen before shipping. They have many varieties and also offer flavored sachets (like tea) that you can add to your bone broth to infuse it with even more flavor! 

I just got my order and have a freezer stocked of 4 containers! I use it all the time for soup bases, casseroles, and mashed potatoes.

7. Amazon– Of course, this is an online option as well. You can find all the store brands listed above & then some! Swanson, Pacific Brands, Kitchen Basics, and even powdered versions too. 

If you are starting a fitness plan or trying the Whole3o or Keto, make sure to add this nutritious stock to your meal planning schedule! 

Some great recipes to try with your new ingredient could be some delicious risotto,  chicken pot pie, or this amazing instant-pot soup

Want a sweet treat for dessert? Then you should try these easy peanut butter cookies– so good! 

Where to Buy Bone Broth