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5 Cozy Meals For a Snow Day

Old man winter is barreling up the coast and you are right in the path of a major Nor'easter. Panic will set in and every single twist-tied plastic bag holding that loaf of bread and plastic gallon jug of milk will be stripped bare from it's spot on the market shelf, leaving yellow price tags as the only proof something truly does reside in this spot. Now is the time to get your meal plan in order so you can play in the snow or binge on the next Netflix series you've been putting off. Today, we have 5 cozy meals that are for a snow day or any day for that matter.

5 Easy Cozy Meals for Snow Day

We picked 5 cozy meals for this snow day that are easy to make, will fill you up with warm goodness and even give you some leftovers to enjoy the next day. These recipes are just a few of our favorites. Be sure to check through our Recipe Index for more options as we have something for every taste bud.

5 Cozy Meals for Snow Day

  1. Easy Stuffed Peppers– This recipe is quick and easy, but when it comes time to sit down to feast, it tastes as if you were in the kitchen all day long.

easy stuffed peppers


2. Make Ahead Chicken Enchiladas – This title says “Make Ahead”, but you can certainly enjoy these the same day. So good!

make ahead chicken enchiladas


3. Mexican Pork Roast – Maybe you are thinking of having the neighbors over to celebrate the newly fallen snow- enjoy this delicious roast and have plenty of leftovers for sandwiches to serve before revving up that snow blower!

Mexican Pork Roast


4. Sausage Kale Sweet Potato Soup – Most folks will be looking for hearty soup recipes and I know this one will fit the bill and is good for you too.

sausage and kale sweet potato soup


5. Easy Turkey Tetrazzini – This dish truly is cozy- full of pasta, turkey and love. Bake this dish and all will be back for seconds or thirds!

turkey tetrazzini with wooden spoon


There you have it-5 cozy meals for a snow day! You can print these recipes, get to the store and back again before that first snowflake hits the ground!

Stay warm!


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Sunday 27th of November 2016

I tried your kale soup recipe. It was delicious! Even the kids liked it :)

Kelly Pugliano

Monday 28th of November 2016

I'm so happy to hear that!!! It is a great, hearty soup- and the fact it is "kid approved" just made my day!