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Why You Should Visit Destin Beach Florida

Planning a visit to Destin, Florida? Why not plan an Emerald Coast Vacation at the Destin Gulfgate! They offer all you will need for a beachfront vacation, including exclusive beach access with chairs, pool, fitness center and more!

 The Destin Gulfgate Invited me with friends to tour the property and enjoy lunch. This was a hosted event. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


Visit Destin Florida Emerald Coast Vacation Mimosa


Planning an Emerald Coast Vacation?


That is SO exciting because I’m going to share a little bit about the Destin, Florida area and why that is a plan you should make happen! Get ready to Pack your bags!  I also have a discount code for you to save!!


Destin Gulfgate Sand Sculpture

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I was recently invited to visit the Destin Gulfgate in Destin, FL to visit the property, enjoy the white sands, the company of friends, and some delicious eats. It was gorgeous and I enjoyed sharing this experience with my friends!

Destin Gulf Gate Balcony


First, can I just tell you, the custom designed sugar cookies made by Sugar and Heart Bakery were worth

every. single. bite.

I could have eaten all of them and been perfectly content!


Destin GulfGAte cookies


And the fancy Mimosas with Mango nectar, Peach nectar, Cranberry & orange juice were delicious. I chose the mango nectar and it was divine.


DestinGulfgate champagne


Let’s skip the cookies & mimosas for a minute and see what there is to love about this beach destination!

Why is it Called the Emerald Coast?

Why is it called The Emerald Coast? This Gulf coast area gets its name from the Algae in the water, so that means when the sun reflects off the Algae, it looks as though the water is emerald green.

It is SO clear and reminds me of the waters of the Cayman Islands when I enjoyed my first cruise last fall.

Kelly Destin Gulf Gate Balcony




Destin Florida Emerald Coast Vacation Beach


Why is the Destin Sand So White?

Why is Destin sand so white? Most sand is made up of crushed rock, shells and glass, however, this beautiful white sand is made up of small quartz particles which came from the Appalachian Mountains over 20,000 years ago!

Fun Fact: If you run on this sand and listen closely, it will squeak! 

I’m used to the rocky and coarse sand of Atlantic beaches, but this Emerald Coast white sand is like soft powder!

beach Destin Gulf Gate


Best Month to Visit Destin, Florida

The best month to visit Destin, Florida is in April or May. The Gulf Coast water is warm and the temperatures range between the mid-70s – 80s, making it quite comfortable. You should still pack your favorite sunscreen and water bottle because the sun is strong here! 




Visit Destin Gulfgate


Looking for Condo Rentals in Destin, Florida?

Looking for condo rentals in Destin, FL? Definitely look at the Destin Gulfgate! This beachfront property has the largest 2 bedroom condos on the Emerald Coast. This is a very spacious condo with two large bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining area, and living room. A perfect vacation spot for a family of 4! 

Bring your towel clips, because they also offer exclusive beach access, pool, fitness center and the view from the lower deck is just awesome!

Be sure to contact the Destin Gulfgate to book your next vacation! If you plan to stay 3 or more nights in 2019, use code INFLUENCE19 to save 10%.

I can’t wait to get back to those beautiful white sand beaches for a perfect beach destination vacation!

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