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My Favorite Travel Item Picks (2023)

I just returned from a girls getaway retreat and thought I would share my favorite essential things to pack for travel. All items can be packed in a carry-on bag making it easy for a long weekend up to a 5-day trip! 

Essential packing list for travel

Leave Room For Things When You Pack for Travel

I have learned over the last few years that less is better when it comes to traveling. Packing a suitcase to capacity leaves no room for souvenirs and to be honest, makes it too heavy to put in the overhead bin compartment! 

If you start with these travel items, you will be way ahead of the game! 

jet in sky over palm trees travel

What Should You Pack for a 5 Day Trip?

Most of my friends are amazed that I can travel with one carry-on bag for 5 days. It starts with using the best backpack and this Osprey pack is exactly what I use. 

What I like most is it can fit in the really small overhead bin on the small jets. It looks like it won't, but it does. Trust me. 😉 

My Essential Things to Pack for Travel 

What Can I fit in this awesome travel pack? I always make a checklist of essential things to pack for travel and I check off items as they go into the bag:

First and foremost, I pack my earbuds and iPad loaded up with my Audible book library. I never travel without my audiobooks! Do you have Audible yet? If not, you can sign up right here for Audible! It's easy Plus you can get free books too. Perfect for traveling! 

  • 3 pairs of shoes- slip-on (I usually pack my favorite pair of TOMS), flat sandals and a wedge. 
  • 1 pair of jeans (or 2 shorts if going somewhere warm) 
  • 5 tops
  • 2 dresses 
  • 1 cardigan or light jacket, or kimono
  • rain jacket
  • bathing suit
  • scarf 
  • underwear 
  • 1 running capri tights
  • 1 tank top
  • 2 pair of socks
  • Toiletries 
  • makeup bag
  • brush 

That is just clothing! I also have: 

Hat on suitcase travel

Bring a little Bit of Home With You When You Travel

I don't know about you, but I like to use my own shampoo and soap/body wash when I am away somewhere fun. What can I say, I like the smell of my shampoo and I don't want to spend money at my destination if I can't bring it back home with me. 

Clear TSA Travel Bag.jpg

I love this clear travel bag because it provides enough bottles to store my lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and even sunscreen! It even has a funnel to help make filling bottles super easy! 

A Travel Bag Keeps Everything Handy

When exploring a new city or place, I like to have fun! When we traveled to Chicago a few years ago, we enjoyed taking a Segway Tour.  I learned the must-have bag to have was a crossbody bag because it kept my hands free. 

They are also super lightweight and with all the zippered pockets, can carry a lot of stuff! 

Crossbody bag for travel

The Ultimate Packing List Item

Nothing is more dehydrating than airline travel and hotel rooms! It's so important to stay hydrated, especially if you are vacationing somewhere warm, like Orlando, FL! No one wants to chug a full bottle of water, nor do you want to pay $5.00 for a bottle.  So, why not pack your own reusable water bottle?! 

Pack an empty bottle in your backpack and you can fill it at a water fountain. Then you can refill it anywhere while you're traveling! 

portable charger

The Best Travel Tip is Have a Charged Phone! 

If you use your phone when traveling, then you know how important it is to keep it charged! Phones have your boarding passes, tickets and ride-share apps. Be sure to pack a portable charger and keep this item juiced up and ready for your trip! 

Here is a list of my Top 5 Favorite Travel Item Picks for 2023! 

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My Favorite Travel Things

A list of my favorite travel items for trips. Create a packing list and these travel items and you will be ready to travel anywhere!

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