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Back to School Checklist: 8 Must-Have Items

Use this helpful Back to School checklist and the 8 must-have items that should be on your list this year. Basics supplies & items for all ages to help start the school year off to a fresh start.

Do you have your back to school checklist ready? If you are a parent of kids aged 6 to 21, chances are you are getting prepared for another school year to begin.

There’s so much to do this time of year that it helps to plan things out to get organized, especially before doing any back to school shopping. There are a number of items that you’ll want to make sure you have ahead of time.

Back to School Checklist

Are you trying to make sure your child is ready to go back to school? Here are the top items for a successful year ahead.  

Here’s a back to school checklist:

  1. Backpack: Your child will need something to carry everything in! Allowing your kid to choose a backpack that they like will help make the process go a lot smoother.
  2. Notebooks: Your child will need to have notebooks and/or journals for school.
  3. Pencils, erasers, and pens: All children need No. 2 pencils to take to school with them. They will also need erasers. Older children may also be allowed to take pens. It’s also ideal to purchase a pencil box or bag that your child can carry their pencils in.
  4. Art supplies: Children in elementary school will generally need crayons, washable markers, and/or colored pencils. Glue sticks also usually come in handy. While many schools provide construction paper, it can’t hurt to send your kid to school with some. An art box to hold these supplies will be useful.
  5. Lunchbox: If you plan to pack your child’s lunch, a lunchbox is essential. You might also use brown paper bags, but a lunchbox that can be used over and over again will save you money.

How about a list for the parents?! That’s right, we have a back to school checklist for you too!

Back to School checklist for parents

  1. Phone Charger: Make sure your phone is charged to grab those special photos of the first day! Here are some chargers for iPhone or Android and will have you ready to snap up all the smiles. Already have a charger? Then you can keep this in your car as a backup.
  2. Coffee Tumbler: This Yeti or Corksicle is perfect for taking morning coffee or tea to the bus stop or in the drop-off car line. Keeps your favorite morning beverage hot to the last sip!
  3. Calendar or Planner: It’s important to keep everyone’s schedule organized and a journal or calendar is perfect for this task. So many options are available such as magnetic/tape white boards (Which are great for college dorm doors!) wall or pocket calendars and planners. Don’t forget pens or colored markers!
  4. Check out our post on the Best Planners for Moms– we have all our favorites listed.

These are just some of the items you’ll want to include on your child’s and your own back to school checklist!

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Backpack full of back to school supplies

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