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How to Create Easy Back to School Vision Board

Are you searching how to create easy back to school vision board? Then you are in the right place! We work on this fun project before school begins and it is a great way to have goals available in a visual way.


Back to School Vision Board Goals with Scotch™ Brand Tape

On my recent trip to Walmart, I noticed the aisle products phasing into Back to School supplies! I couldn’t believe it was that time of year again as summer seemed to have arrived only days ago.

Truth be told, I have always loved this time of year. Nothing beats fresh new notebooks, pencils, and supplies.

Back to School Aisle

Now that my kids are in college, shopping for certain items have dropped off our list, however, new items have replaced the empty slots, like planning for setting up learning space with a desk & chair, and finding good deals, and more.

We compiled a great post of our top back to school tips based on our experiences! 

Last year, I noticed poster board, Scotch™ Brand Tape, and Post-it® Brand products inched their way to the top. I was curious as to why this phenomenon was happening and my college students replied very matter-of-fact, “Vision Board!”

Scotch™ Brand on shelf

Vision Board Goals

They said creating Vision Boards helped to keep their goals fresh and fun. Sometimes they would make small boards for semester goals, other times they would be larger for monthly, yearly, or life goals.

My oldest student said she liked to make hers into Goals for 1 year…5 years…10 years. She shared “I always use Scotch™ Brand Tape and have started filling in goals with the awesome colors of Post-it® Brand products if I can’t find inspirational wording in the magazines.”

I knew my kids were smart, but this was actually pretty brilliant!

How to Make a Vision Board

I was so in love with this idea that I asked her to make a back to school vision board with me. She would do one for school and I would do one for work and the results were fantastic!

We started with some poster board and Scotch® Magic Tape Refill Rolls, some bright colored Post-it® Brand cubes, and Scotch™ Brand Tape Expressions Washi Tape, markers, scissors, and magazines.

Our Favorite Tools For Vision Boards


Vision Board Supplies thanks to Scotch® Magic™ Tape Refill Rolls with Bonus Dispenser

First, we made sure all our items were ready to go.

Scotch® Magic™ Tape Washi Tape makes a great way to decorate Back to School Vision Goal Boards

Next, we cut out photos, phrases, and words that reflected the goals we wanted to accomplish.

Cutting inspirational goal words for Back to school Vision Boards

Next, we placed everything on the vision board to see if we liked how they were arranged and moved a few things until we liked the flow.

Lay Out Vision Board

Using our Scotch™ Brand Tape, we folded it onto itself and stuck it on the back of our cutouts.

Using Magic Scotch™ Brand Tape for our Vision Boards makes it easy to stick to our goals

And finally, dressed up a few Post-it® Brand items with the year, “Goals” and decorated with Washi Tape.

Back to School Vision Board Goals

Decorating Vision Boards

This was a super fun vision board project to do together and was really a great way for me as a parent to see what goals my young adults are striving to accomplish and how they prepare for success, by going beyond the basics.

Back to School Vision Board Goals are easy to make when using Scotch™ Brand


Have you ever made a vision board? What goals would you include? Do you use a life planner

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Friday 6th of August 2021

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Sunday 6th of August 2017

It's been a while since I was last worried about getting back to school, but anyway, the idea of a vision board is pretty awesome and I'm definitely doing one for me, with the goals I want to achieve by the end of the year! Also, this is going on my Pinterest account as well! :)

Kelly Pugliano

Monday 7th of August 2017

Yes, our back to school worry has shifted as well. ;) But what I learned from this project is ANY goal that you have in mind can be made into a vision board. I found it super fun and perfect for seeing where my goals are headed. Would love to see what you come up with! And thank you for sharing on Pinterest!

Gayle Trini

Friday 4th of August 2017

This was excellent. I would like to do vision boards with my children but I have been overwhelmed but this look so simple and doable yay . Been awhile since I visited your blog, I follow you on instagram now so rarely blog hop.

Kelly Pugliano

Monday 7th of August 2017

Hello my friend!! How are you?? Yes, it has been a while, but so glad to see you stop by. These vision boards are SUPER easy and can be customized for anything...AND it's a great way to use up the piles of read magazines. :)