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5 Easy Recipes for July 4th BBQ

5 Easy Recipes for July 4th BBQ

When it comes to July 4th BBQ parties, it's nice to have a few easy recipes on hand. We've put together our top 5 dessert recipes for you to enjoy with friends and family. They are all super simple to make; some require 5 minutes, others may take just a few hours of planning, but either way, they are ALL delicious!

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5 Easy Dessert Recipes for July 4th BBQ Party



We've made it easy for you to find everything in one place;  below you will find a link directly to your delicious recipe. Try one or try all 5; you really can't go wrong with any of them!

Watermelon Slice & Bake Cookies

watermelon slice & bake cookies eatpicks

Everyone's favorite summertime fruit just made it into cookie form! These slice & bake cookies are both fun to make and eat and will make your July 4th BBQ table look fabulous! We think this cookie sheet works awesome!

Red White & Blue Stuffed Strawberries

red white and blue stuffed strawberries on platter

We made these YEARS ago…they are SO simple, yet are SO easy. They only take but a few minutes to mix the almond cheesecake filling and stuff them! And they make a gorgeous presentation on a serving platter or tray!

Snow Cone Cupcakes

Snow Cone Cupcakes

This cupcake recipe is perfect for your July 4th BBQ party! It will have everyone saying “Ooooh, Ahhh!” You will have to set aside a day to make these as the Tri-Color batter takes a little bit of time to fill the piping bags and liners. The finished product is well worth it!

No-Churn Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

no-churn cherry chocolate chunk ice cream

We ALL can scream for this easy ice cream recipe! To really get into the July 4th spirit, add in some blueberries and you will be enjoying a red, white, & blue dessert in no time! Get your scoopers ready.

Easy Cherry Hand Pies

cherry hand pies

If there is an All-American dessert, then the pie is it! Normally, apple is the flavor that comes to mind, and although we chose cherry, you can easily substitute apple pie filling for a true July 4th BBQ!

Our Favorite July 4th BBQ dessert recipes

There you have it! Our favorite July 4th BBQ dessert recipes! We hope you try at least one of these easy recipes! If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments below, or share on our Facebook Page! We would love to see your creations.

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