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I Love Those J-I-N-G-L-E, Bells…

Jingle Bells is a favorite holiday song that is enjoyed every winter, especially while riding in a one-horse open sleigh!

Horse drawn sleigh in jingle bells

I have two favorite versions of the “Jingle Bells” song; one sung by Frank Sinatra and the other by Harry Connick Jr. Every time I hear them, it puts a little hop to my step and I can't help but sing along. Nothing beats old Sinatra Christmas songs on Vinyl!

Jingle Bells holiday

We had friends stop by last night and we discussed the holidays over a glass of wine asking each other if we were “all done”.

I was so surprised that I found myself saying “yes”! I cannot remember the last time I felt “ready”.

It seems I am always cramming to get last minute things done like getting our Christmas Tree up and decorated, baking cookies like Nana's Sandtarts, or standing in line to mail packages or holiday cards.

Is Jingle Bells a Christmas Song

There is a question out there debating is Jingle Bells a Christmas song or a Thanksgiving song. I guess I never thought of it as anything other than a Christmas song.

Whenever I hear this familiar tune, I think of a Christmas winter storm some years ago.

jingle bells winter storm

Holiday winter storm preparation

This time last year we were without power due to a massive ice storm. I'm not talking a few hours without power, I'm talking days, which lead me to write a post about How to prepare for a winter storm.

Day 1:

My husband was in Chicago. He was trying to beat the storm home (which he did) and come to my rescue as I had a very long day bailing out our sump pump and snaking extension cords to neighbors' outlets to help me save our newly finished basement.

Can one feel thankful and also feel like they are getting kicked in the pants at the same time? Well, I guess that's how I would describe it, because thankfully, the other half of our neighborhood DID have power, so I was able to plug in to get the sump pump working.

Day 2:

Generators were at a premium on day 2. You never realize how much you need one until you need one!

We were able to get one and kept the sump pump and our refrigerator working. I never realized how dependent we are on electricity! More luck for us: we replaced our electric stove with a gas stove, so at least I could cook!

Was I dreaming of being under cozy blankets sipping hot cocoa while taking a ride in a horse drawn sleigh? Yes, dreaming of jingle bells and bobtails.

Day 3:

Winter camping in our house was beginning to get old and we decided that if the power did not come on the next day, we would go where it was available.

While sharing pizza with our friends, we noticed that Christmas lights were blazing on our side of the neighborhood. We asked in disbelief, “Now why would you waste generator power on lights?!!” Then we saw lights up and down the street. “We have POWER!!” I guess I was listening to music when the power went out because as we walked in the house, I could hear Frank Sinatra singing “J-i-n-g-l-e Bells!”

Holiday music while baking

I love to play Christmas music the earliest I possibly can without driving my family crazy. Jingle Bells and even Jingle Bell Rock play in the background as I get my holiday baking done.

Cookie recipes like:

  • Nana's Sand Tarts
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies
  • Monster Chocolate Chips
  • 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

It makes me happy.

Yup, my spirits are bright this year and so are the lights on my tree.

Holiday Cookie Recipes

Listening to Jingle Bells and other Christmas music while baking these cookie recipes will put you into the holiday spirit!

Holiday Jingle Bells Winter Prep

Original Post 12/19/2009

Updated Post: 12/3/2020