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Strawberry Basil Spritzer

Enjoy this strawberry basil spritzer recipe for a delicious and refreshing taste of summer. This mocktail is non-alcoholic and tastes amazing with fresh strawberries and basil! A yummy drink to enjoy with our strawberry pulp quick bread or strawberry rhubarb muffins.   If you are looking for a gluten-free, Keto-friendly recipe, you must try our easy …

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How to Make Strawberry Lemonade Recipe {Freckled Lemonade}

This Strawberry Lemonade recipe is the perfect copycat for Red Robin’s Freckled Lemonade! Full of sweet strawberry, tart lemon, and homemade simple syrup, this refreshing drink will have you saying saying “Yum” with every sip. Homemade lemonade is so good with fresh citrus and fruits and infused simple syrup! My recipe for orange lemonade is …

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Homemade Orange Lemonade

Homemade Orange Lemonade is the perfect go-to recipe to quench your thirst during the dog days of summer. Fresh oranges and lemons combined with a from-scratch simple syrup will have you sipping in leisure in no time. There is something really refreshing about combining oranges and lemons together when making lemonade. The sweetness of the orange …

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Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipe

This healthy and delicious carrot cake smoothie recipe tastes more like a decadent dessert than a nutritious way to start the day. The natural sweetness of the orange and carrots are balanced by a trio of complementary spices, while a spoonful of homemade coconut whipped cream serves as the perfect finishing touch. Can You Use …

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Summer Smoothie Snack

  Well, it has come to my attention that it has been almost a month since the last post here! What?! Ok…that will be easily fixed with a super yummy Summer Smoothie Snack recipe which I will share in moment… Do forgive me. As summer has finally arrived, the household has been teeming with activity… …

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