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Best Dog Car Accessories to Have for Road Trip

The best dog car accessories to have for a short or long road trip are simple and easy to pack. From favorite toys to space-saving bowls, your puppy will have to comforts of home while you enjoy a little getaway!

Dog car accessories for travel

When headed out for a quick weekend getaway, most would love to bring their dog along but sometimes the destination may not seem doable. What if we shared some amazing travel gear for dogs that would make it possible and downright fun and easy?!

Pack up the doggie toys, favorite cookies for you, and treats for the pooch, and get ready for a successful road trip!

Dog car accessories

Believe it or not, you don't need a ton of gear to travel with your dog, but this easy dog travel kit will help make your destination stay a bit more pleasant for both of you.

  • Dog toys most of our furry friends have a favorite toy. Make sure you pack this so travel will be less stressful.
  • Dog seat covers help to make your dog feel steady and secure and helps you to keep your car seats clean and protected.
  • Harness collar is much safer for your furry friend! No choking collar when going for a walk.
  • Doggie Lawn is a portable patch of natural grass that comes with its own potty tray liner. This is perfect for rest stops or hotel rooms!
  • Portable bowls for food and water. These are hard to come by in any hotel!
How to travel with your dog

Portable potty

Whether you are traveling with a new puppy or an elderly dog, this portable natural grass with a potty tray is worth every single penny! When staying at a dog-friendly hotel, it can be a bit difficult to find a grassy patch on the property. Doggie Lawn is a great solution, especially if you are training a young dog or if your pooch is up in years.

When it comes to bathroom duties, a dog likes a routine and this natural spot can come in handy. Dog patio potty grass can be used indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, and can be thrown away before you leave! It is completely biodegradable because Doggie Lawn is REAL GRASS!

Doggie Lawn

Dog seat covers

Protect your car seats and your furry best friend while traveling around town or on a long road trip! Be sure your seat cover is non-slip. Most dog seat covers are washable and help keep your car clean. This VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars with rave reviews on Amazon!

pet car seat cover

Collapsible dog bowls

Don't forget to pack your food and water bowls! Most hotels will not have bowls available. We found some great collapsible dog bowls that pack flat to save room and work great for dog food and water.

collapsable dog bowls

Dog plush toys

Just like kids, dogs have favorite toys or “lovies.” To keep stress at bay and provide a bit of comfort, make sure to pack the favorite toys as part of your dog travel kit! We found two that are just adorable! A cute yellow ducky and a grey sloth! There are more to choose from but these stood out in the cuteness factor! And they are both under $10.00!

Dog Harness

Taking the dog for a walk in the morning or evening should be comfortable for both of you. Having a harness that is padded won't choke your dog if they like to pull on the leash. This dog harness is perfect for dogs of all sizes and has over 35,000 high star ratings on Amazon!!

Harness for dog

Make sure you pack all the necessities for your dog for your trip! Other than the dog food, be sure to remember the portable Doggie Lawn and all the other dog travel accessories we share for a successful and fun trip!

Dog Car Accessories