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6 Must Have Disney Foods

6 Must Have Disney Foods to put on your list for your next trip to Disney World.


If you are preparing to visit the “House of Mouse” you most likely have quite a list of things you want to experience which include rides, shows, hugs & autographs from characters and a little bit of shopping to bring the magic home to remember your trip.

Well, I'm here to remind you to make sure food is at the top of your list. Disney World has some great cuisine and these 6 must-have Disney foods will make you swoon in ways you never thought possible.

First, let me share that I was recently in Orlando attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. This was my second time attending this event (my first was back in 2013) and it was extra special because I was able to enjoy this trip and all the deliciousness with my daughter.

So much fun and eating packed into a long weekend, but we managed to narrow down our favorites and I have them here for you!

Disney Yacht Club Hotel

The Yacht Club was our host hotel and quite possibly my favorite on-property place to stay. It is perfectly located within walking distance to Epcot and the views from our balcony were awesome.

Coffee at sunrise sitting on Disney Yacht Club Hotel Balcony

Since we were starving we decided to drop our bags and head into Epcot for some grub. We settled on stopping in China for an order of spring rolls and peach bubble tea.

Both items were delish and were the perfect snack to stop the stomach grumbles.

We soon made our way into France where we began our list for 6 Must-Have Disney Foods.

6 Must-Have Disney Foods

1. Crepes with Chocolate and vanilla ice cream in France (Epcot)

crepes chocolate and ice cream in France at Epcot are a must have treat to enjoy.

If you like crepes and chocolate (who doesn't?) then be sure to stop at the crepe kiosk and order a chocolate crepe with vanilla ice cream. Whoa. It's like eating air with a hint of chocolate and smidge of ice cream. Everything is perfectly balanced to be eaten together. So good.


2. Dole Whip- The Original- Magic Kingdom


No trip to the Disney Magic Kingdom is complete unless you have one of these. The true Dole Whip is a float of pineapple soft serve ice cream topped with pineapple juice. It's sweet and refreshing and like nothing you can get anywhere else.

I've tried making a homemade version and where it is close, it just does not compare. There is also a small place in the Animal Kingdom that serves Dole Whip, but this is more of pineapple sherbet and is not the same.

The original is found next to Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride with a straw-thatched roof. This is what you want.

3. Shrimp & Jasmine Rice – Skipper Canteen- Magic Kingdom

DSMMC SC shrimp dinner

Next on our list is a dish from Skipper's Canteen. This little gem is nestled back near the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House in the Magic Kingdom. This restaurant was recommended as a place to go for lunch as the waitlist was short and food delicious. We couldn't agree more.

We were seated right away and the menu was full of wonderful choices. The Falafel was a superb appetizer and the shrimp & jasmine rice so good, it made its way to our list. The shrimp was so flavorful and juicy and paired nicely with the rice.

Save some room, because you will want to order the dessert next on our list!


4. Kungaloosh- Skipper Canteen- Magic Kingdom

DSMMC Kungaloosh dessert

What is that you hear? Oh, that is just a foodie weeping with joy. If you visit Skipper's Canteen for only one thing, it should be for the dessert Kungaloosh (pronounced Koonga-loosh).

This could quite possibly be the best dessert I have ever eaten. Ever. Rich chocolate cake topped with fudge sauce, cashew caramel ice cream, caramelized banana, and crispy chocolate wafer, this treat is ridiculous.


5. Mickey Chocolate Dipped Strawberries- The Confectionary – Magic Kingdom

DSMMC Mickey chocolate Strawberries

At first, you are not sure what surprise is waiting beneath this dome of chocolate. Is it a marshmallow? Cookie? When you bite into this beautiful treat, you are met with a huge, sweet strawberry set on a chocolate cookie with cookie ears!

It looks too pretty to eat, but do it anyway!

5.1- Bonus! Mickey Krispie Treats

DSMMC Mickey Krispie head

Yes! A bonus treat! Couldn't resist sharing the Mickey Krispie treats found in the Magic Kingdom Confectionery located on Main Street. I enjoyed this yumminess on my last trip here and thought it deserved an honorable mention.

A Krispie treat the size of your face can't be all that bad, right? Especially if you can share it!


6. In-Room Dining- Lobster Roll- Yacht Club

In-Room Dining service is a must have experience during your Disney World trip. Try delicious Lobster roll!

Last but certainly not least, In-Room Dining rounds out our 6 Must-Have Disney Foods. My daughter and I spent most of our last day park hopping. We went through 4 parks, made sure to go on rides and visit attractions we had high on our To-Do list.

We started at 9 am and didn't return until well after 9 pm. Too late for reservations to dine at restaurants,  we opted to treat ourselves to a meal in our room so we could relax after a long day.

If you happen to stay or possibly dine at The Yacht Club, order the Lobster Roll. This sandwich is loaded with massive chunks of fresh lobster and absolutely delicious. Worth every bite.


Do you have Food Favorites from Disney? I would love to hear your recommendations and add them to my list for next time.


Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement or promotion for DisneySMMC but coverage of my personal experience. Disney sponsored part of my conference and accommodation package including that of my guests by giving us deeply discounted rates. All opinions are mine and all food items on this list were purchased by me. 


Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Of course I read this with my stomach growling! All looks so amazing!

Kelly Pugliano

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Haha! Mine was also growling as I loaded up each photo! Everything was so delicious...hard to pick only 6. :)