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Easy Entryway Ideas for Small Spaces

When it comes to quick and easy entryway ideas for small spaces, these decorating items create a warm and cozy welcome to all who cross the threshold. With just a few simple pieces, like a foyer bench and throw pillows are a great way to start.

After moving into an apartment, I was asking myself what should I put in my entryway? The space is small but had the potential to become a bit homey with just a few pieces of furniture.

So, I created a list of favorite ideas (that are easy on the pocketbook too!) you can use to decorate!

Foyer furniture

To make a small space welcoming, sticking to minimalism is best. Begin with two key pieces and build from there. It is kind of like cooking a favorite chicken pot pie recipe with layers of spices and ingredients with a delicious outcome.

Foyer Bench

This is a key piece of entryway furniture. How nice is it to walk into a home and have a place to sit to remove your shoes or sandals and check the mail. I love this black captain arm bench. It is sleek and will go with any style decor you already have.

Entryway table ideas

The next item to have for this small space is an entrance table, half table, or console table, or shelf. I really like the elements of this wood and wire accent table. It has clean lines and is perfect next to your bench.

Once you have at least one of these pieces of entrance furniture, then you can slowly build design elements like using a pink throw blanket or pillows.

Throw pillow accents for small spaces

Pillows are one of my favorite decorating elements because they can be switched out for any occasion or season. They also allow you to really show your personality too! I love the combination of a faux leather throw pillow, gold & white tassel pillow, and this textured stripe throw pillow.

The combination is cozy and perfect for a small foyer bench or chair.

Throw Pillows

Table Lamp or Rustic Candle

You may already have a small lamp you could place on your accent table, but if not, maybe start with a favorite candle. I love this Hearth & Hand Container Candle in Cedar Magnolia (Magnolia's brand at Target). It smells so clean and has a nice rustic look.

Hearth & Hand Candle

Plants or flowers

It's nice to add a bit of nature to your new space with fresh flowers or plants. If you are like me and have a hard time keeping plants alive, faux plants like this Faux Silver Vine Potted Plant have come a really long way. Many of them look so real you may just forget and try to water them anyway!

faux potted plant

Other small entryway decor ideas

How do you store shoes in a small entryway? This was a question I asked myself daily when our kids were younger. I found designating a place to put things helped.

1. Shoe Racks -Storing shoes can be challenging when it comes to having a small entryway. I've used shoe racks in the bottom of a coat closet, but to be honest, my kids never, ever put their shoes there!

I would place shoes neatly under the bottom shelf and it worked to have them follow my lead to keep things tidy in such a small place!

2. Baskets Hats and mittens would pile up by the front door. I had to come up with a solution and found this two-tiered bench with two woven baskets, one to hold hats and the other to hold gloves and mittens.

3. Small rugs– are great for wet shoes and also protect your floors. Keep a mat or small rug next to the front door for this purpose.

If you need more inspiration, visit Life on Summer Hill! I love my friend Linda's post on how to decorate a small porch!

Simple foyer entrance ideas

Use this post as a guide to start with your DIY project for decorating your small entryway. All the items I listed in this post can be found at Target and are under $400. You can save more if you already have some of the things on hand like throw pillows, candle or plants.

Easy Entryway decor ideas for small space

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Easy Entryway Ideas for Small Spaces

When it comes to quick and easy entryway ideas for small spaces, these decorating items create a warm and cozy welcome to all who cross the threshold. Use this list as a helpful guide for decorating your entryway!