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Amazon Prime Day is Here!

Amazon Prime is here and it is time to shop til you drop! Just so you know, this post will be full of affiliate links to some of my favorite products. If you choose to purchase through any of the links provided, whether it is that particular item linked or something else entirely,  I will earn a small commission. And when I say small, it's small…enough for a sip of coffee. Since every penny helps, I thank you for feeding my coffee addiction and keeping this blog site running.

Do you have Amazon Prime? If so, then you know how awesome it is, especially on days like today and around the holidays. If not, you really should try it! Amazon is offering a FREE 30-Day Trial   where you can take advantage of all the amazing deals one can find in ALL the departments. Some of the perks of Amazon Prime Membership?

That Unlimited FREE two-day shipping is more awesome than chocolate. Well, maybe not, but pretty darn close! Have kids going to college? This is perfect for shipping off surprise packages to your college student or to send items needed that were forgotten or couldn't fit in the jam-packed car!

Shop Exclusive deals today through Amazon Prime and you could have your very own Christmas in July! Or, at least put a dent in that holiday shopping!

What are some of my favorite items to shop for?

Thermos Brand thermos keeps your coffee HOT or cold for 24 hours! Our favorite item for traveling!

I LOVE this Thermos from Thermos Brand. It really keeps your coffee HOT for 24 hours! It also works to keep liquids cold for the same length of time. If you are looking for a good thermos, this is the one you want!

This new Kitchen Aid Mini? HOW great is this?! And SO many colors to choose from!

Or these Nespresso compatible pods? Need to feed the coffee monster!!

So many items, so little time!

Prime Day Deals will be happening all day long! Take advantage- I know I will!

Amazon Prime Day is a great time to grab some amazing deals and try A free 30-day trial membership!

I do hope you are able to have some shopping fun! Let me know what made it to the top of your list!