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The Best Smoothie You Will Ever Have


One of the goals made after the New Year arrived was to incorporate more raw fruits and veggies in my diet. One way I found to accomplish that was to have a smoothie for a snack or sometimes even a meal.

If having a smoothie as a meal, I tend to make for breakfast or lunch with kale, spinach, lettuce and carrot juice,  adding a scoop of protein powder. The protein thickens the smoothie a bit and makes it more filling. As a snack I keep it as fruit only, sometimes adding a tablespoon or two of vanilla greek yogurt to help make it more “shake-style”.

One afternoon I had some fruit left over from a party tray and decided to throw them all together and see how it tasted.

It was AMAZING. The best combination I have had to date. This has only three ingredients. Yes, THREE. No juice, no ice…just straight fruit.

Ready to rock your taste buds?

You will need:

  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Red Grapes

Remember, I had the fruit left over, so big chunks are what I was working with. For measurement purposes, you should know that I used a Bullet Blender to mix this up.

All measurements are a “guesstimation”

Three Fruit Smoothie


The Recipe:

1 cup large chunks seedless watermelon

1/2 cup large chunks pineapple

1/2 cup red seedless grapes

Place in blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with slice of Pineapple or watermelon wedge.


This is so incredibly refreshing! The watermelon is the star of this smoothie for sure.

If you like these fruits, you will not be disappointed. You will wonder why this wasn't in your life sooner!



Linda Carmical

Thursday 15th of March 2012

Sounds delicious Kelly! When I make a fruit smoothie for a snack, I use ice to thicken it up. Works great.


Thursday 15th of March 2012

It is so good!! Especially if you like watermelon (which I do!). Yes, ice can be used to thicken the smoothie if you like...This whips up pretty nice without it.


Wednesday 14th of March 2012

That sounds delightful!!!


Thursday 15th of March 2012

Oh, it is. It really is!! :)