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Eat Picks Easy Appetizers Digital Cookbook


All of your favorite appetizer recipes in one book. The Eat Picks Easy Appetizers Cookbook has your favorite snacks to make for any friends and family gathering.

Available in Printable PDF, Digital Hyperlinked PDF, or both!

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Easy appetizer recipes the whole family will enjoy! Eat Picks Author Kelly Pugliano has brought together super simple, nostalgic recipes that have been loved for decades. From classic deviled eggs to an easy buffalo chicken dip to a quick guacamole dip that is ready in 10 minutes, this Easy Appetizers Cookbook will have dinner ready in no time. 

The Eat Picks Easy Appetizers Cookbook comes in two formats: a printable PDF or a fully linked Digital PDF. The Printable PDF is a full-color 8.5×11 printable which can be downloaded and printed as many times as you need. The Digital PDF works best on an iPad and is fully interlinked for easy navigation from page to page, the ability to write notes in the book, and the option to shop for ingredients or tools right from the Cookbook.