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Friday Coffee Talk Spring

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Friday Coffee Talk is wondering Has Spring arrived? Could it be, that the Northeast has gone through a winter season sans snow and cold? I think so. And it is glorious! Our last winter was so harsh it made even the heartiest person consider moving to warmer climates, myself included.

snapdragon flowers with blue sky

Spring Cleaning Time!

As spring conjures the notions of renewal, freshness, spring cleaning, and more, we are going to heed the direction this time of year brings and spruce up our website home. Yep, it's time to do a little bit of spring cleaning and freshen up this here space. Don't worry, nothing major- just a few tweaks here and there to make the site look, feel, and function a little better.

Just wanted to give you a little heads up in case you stopped by to search for a recipe or two. Updates should be fairly quick. In the meantime, if you need a recipe or have a question, pop on over to our Facebook page and we will get right on it!

Sharing is Caring! Thanks Darling Clementines and Party Cake Shop!

We were so excited to have Darling Clementines stop by this week to make our Delicious Clementine Pound Cake and then share it with their Facebook fans! It really is a yummy cake and perfect for spring!

Clementine Pound Cake is a delicious taste of citrus and spring!


And then we welcomed the Pittsburgh crowd after Party Cake Shop shared our Burnt Almond Torte Cake taste test results from our article Is This Pittsburgh Cake Really The Best Cake America Ever Made?

almond torte cake prantls part cake Best Cake in America

I dream of this cake it is so good.

Then of course, we shared one of our own favorite recipes for Bundt Pan Lemon Pound Cake, which keeps us in the tasty spring theme of things!

bundt Lemon Pound Cake is light, fresh and has the taste of spring all on one plate! Perfect bundt cake recipe!




Strawberry Fruit Pulp bread recipe is a perfect way to use up left over pulp from your juicer. Adding strawberry pulp to the glaze is delicious too!
Strawberry Fruit Pulp Quick Bread Recipe
Chicken pesto pockets
Baked Chicken Pesto Pockets

Friday Coffee Talk Changes | Eat Picks

Friday 18th of March 2016

[…] mentioned before that spring is here and with it comes the inspiration of freshening up our space. You will notice a few changes here […]