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Back in May I had the honor of attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference at the “Happiest Place On Earth”- Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. It was stellar in every possible way; friends, social media and of course food! I shared a few morsels enjoyed when I first arrived but there was one treat that was on the very top of my “Disney Bucket List” and that was to seek and find the Legendary Dole Whip at Disney Social Media Moms.

 2013 DisneySMMom Conference Dole Whip

I had read countless musings of this cold, sweet treat of pineapple and soft ice cream but didn’t really understand the magnitude of its fans until arriving in Florida. I asked my lovely friend Nicole of Sisters From Another Mister :

Me: What exactly IS a Dole Whip?

Nicole: You have never HAD one?

Me: Nope. But, I do have it on my “To-Do” list. I cannot leave this park until I try one.

Nicole: Then we will get one in your hands straight away! It is the best thing EV-AH!

After riding through the new Pirates of the Caribbean – new to me because it now has Captain Jack Black – aka: Johnny Depp- we made our way around the bend to a small little place with a thatched awning giving a feel of the tropics to match the hot sun above. Nicole did the ordering and then handed to me a cup of pineapple soft serve ice cream topped with fresh pineapple juice.

From the moment my spoon scooped the first bite, I was hooked! I’m drooling just thinking about it again. I would go as far as saying

I would enjoy a Dole Whip over chocolate any day.

Yes. To me, it was THAT good.

The ice cream is actually pineapple flavored and with the slight tang of the pineapple juice pooled in the bottom balanced out the sweetness of the ice cream and made the most refreshing dessert/snack I’ve ever had.

I now understand the frenzy surrounding Dole Whip …and the pilgrimage made to a tiny grass roofed “hut” to satisfy the primal craving of this delectable treat.

I cannot wait to return to enjoy this again. Not only will it be number one on my list, it could quite possibly fill the spots of 2, 3 and 4 as well!

2013 DisneySMMom Conference Dole Whip

Thank you for capturing the joy of my first Dole Whip!

Thank you Disney Social Media Moms for introducing me to the “Happiest Dessert on Earth”!

Have you ever experienced a Dole Whip? Do tell. What did you like about it?

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