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Today kicks off apple season here in New England. The essential fall fruit is as perfect for the everyday snack as it is delicious in pie, cake or simple baked crisp.

I could share a gazillion recipes for apples. They are that versatile a fruit.

Last fall I shared some of my favorite apple recipes and kitchen tips on my other blog.

What I did not share there was the lovely surprise that greeted us after returning from the orchard filled to the brim with fruits of our labor…ha! No pun intended there….

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This orchard has a DISTILLERY!! How cool is that?!

A little back story…

For a few years running we have paired up with another family or two for a Columbus Day outing. We head to the trails in the Adirondack mountains and enjoy a great hike and lunch. Last year, for some reason we were not into hike-mode and realizing we almost let apple picking slip by, decided to head to a local orchard for the day.  We live smack dab in the middle of at least 4 local farms, so we decided to drive a bit out of our town and try a place 30 minutes away.

We discovered Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie, NY. The apples were ok for picking. I would say better in the market set-up.

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 Nothing lost…we had fun hitching a ride on the tractor, picking the best we could find and walking back to the main store. It is here that we discovered the red sign telling us to go this way…

And we did.

Upon entering the small building, we were met with a wall of casks, each emblazoned with their own signature design…

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Welcome to Harvest Spirits , 100% Farmer Owned, and the home of award winning Core Vodka, Pear Brandy and Cornelius Applejack, all made from the fruit grown out back in the fields as they have been for generations. We bellied up to the tasting bar and sampled the wares and found each to be unique and flavorful.

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I tried to find out how some of the special bottles had full apples in them…but I couldn’t get it out of him…

We really liked the Core Vodka which was very clean & crisp with very little aftertaste and the packaging is perfect for gift giving.

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In fact, we liked the Pear Brandy as well…and it was a toss up as to what we would like to bring home. We decided on the Core vodka and let me tell you…it is delicious in a POM martini!

Never rule out a short trip from home when given the opportunity. You never know what treasures you will find.

Want to visit Golden Harvest Farms? Sure you do!

Here is their information and the website for Harvest Spirits.

Golden Harvest Farms

3074 US Rte 9, Valatie, NY 12184



Harvest Spirits LLC

3074 US Rte 9, PO Box 813, Valatie, NY 12184


sales@harvestspirits.com or 518-253-5917

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  1. Shanna says

    Fantastic pictures!
    Apple picking is such a great fall activity anyway, but add a distillery? Jackpot! Enjoy your weekend.
    (VIsiting from SITS)

  2. says

    Yum! I just showed your picture of the Applejack to my boyfriend and he’s very envious… he makes cocktails and a lot of the old recipes call for Applejack but we can’t get it in Canada. Looks like a great place to visit! Oh, and the apples in the bottles… they grow them that way! They put a bottle over the fruit while it’s growing on the tree :)

    • Kelly says

      Thank you for sharing the apple in the bottle trick!!!
      Yes- you should visit! Very cool place…and maybe check out their website to place an order!

  3. says

    We’ve been begging the hubby to take us to upstate NY to go apple picking in the fall. He has yet to take us but we are looking forward to when that day come. We go visit the orange groves in our area and it’s always fun. Fresh squeezed Oj with Florida oranges is just the best!

    • Kelly says

      Something to work on for next year! The season was early and not as abundant this year due to the odd weather we had this summer! Fresh oranges would be fab!! :)

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